One of the main goals of the UOP Camp Program is to reengage our program with the youth baseball community in Stockton. By contributing a collegiate summer camp for kids from all around the area we are making that goal possible. Through this camp it is our hope that campers not only leave with an enhanced baseball skill set but also a love for Pacific and a drive to attend college. 

Attending a camp like ours encourages young athletes to start thinking of the possibilities for their future for the first time. We are excited to provide them with the chance to meet our players and coaches and to give them a positive learning experience that may guide them on the path of playing at the next level. 

We want to extend this opportunity to kids of all backgrounds.  Baseball isn’t a game for only the ones who can afford it.  We have set up a scholarship fund to pay for underprivileged kids in Stockton to come out and share in the experience.  We would love to have you be part of that.  Each spot in camp costs $300 plus $50 for the week of free lunches from local businesses, and we are hoping to bring in at least 50 kids on full scholarships this first summer.